Daily Swatch: Birds Week

Vintage Mod Circle Birds

Mod birds, from Niesz Vintage Fabric on Flickr. This one comes up often on eBay; it’s from a mail order apron kit from the National Handcraft Society.


  1. Amy says:

    This fabric is so adorable!! Too bad it’s part of an apron kit — I’d really like to get just the fabric!

  2. jordana says:

    reminds me of this:

    which i think she made because she was frustrated that she kept getting outbid for the apron kits on ebay :)

    also i have a dim recollection of urban outfitters reprinting this pattern on something in recent years… a pillow, perhaps.

  3. Thanks Kim!
    Those cute birds just make me smile. :)

    -Jordana, that little Blythe outfit is completely adorable.