Daily Swatch 5/25/08: Border Print Week

This week’s theme is border prints, inspired by Made With Love By Hannah, who shared this, her favorite piece of fabric in the entire universe. She says it inspired her to make her own prints. Have you seen her screenprinted clothing? It’s amazing, and now you know how it all started!


  1. strikkelise says:

    Oh, I have drooled over that fabric over at her blog. It’s so charming in a less sugary way than a lot of other toadstool images.

    Can I just take the opportunity to thank you for this great new(ish) blog of yours. I so enjoy the swatches and all the other stuff, too.

  2. Add me to the list of fans of border prints. LOL

    I have a stack of vintage ones that I can’t bring myself to part with.
    What fabulous fabrics she has on that site! LOVE the wrap skirts!


  3. Ashley H. says:

    Aaaah! Those skirts by Hannah are adorable. If I were able to spend my Bush money on frivolous things, I’d buy 3 of them.

    Also wanted to say how much I love your new blog. I never miss reading when I see a new post is up.