Daily Swatch 4/30/08


Did you notice I’m doing all novelty prints this week? I think I’ll change themes every Sunday. There are the obvious themes (pattern types, colors, decades, designers) … but maybe I should take challenges from the audience?

Today: Animals Reading, from Mylaar’s Flickr stream. In fact it looks like an assortment of characters from vintage Little Golden Books. Is that the Poky Little Puppy in the bucket? That’s definitely Scuffy the Tugboat. Can you identify them all?


  1. I just recently ran across your blog and I love it!! I just went ahead and bookmarked you in my Favs!!!

  2. Tia says:

    Hi there! I came over from Wee wonderfuls. I love this blog. I am such a fabric addict, great work! I will be linking to you from my blog.