San Francisco Textile Tour: Everything Else

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Leslie’s Crafty Google Map of San Francisco

OK, the San Francisco Textile Tour ended up being a little less ambitious than originally planned — I wanted to tour the California School of Professional Fabric Design, but they couldn’t get me in, and I dropped the ball on calling Zoo Ink to see if they’d let me peek inside their studio. But that was fine, because four shops + lunch turned out to be exhausting enough.

After Britex and Urban Burp, we went to check out two fabric shops in the Richmond District. Satin Moon came highly recommended and it didn’t disappoint. It was packed to the gills with high-quality, gorgeous, interesting, and inspiring fabric. Again we marveled at the Liberty Tana cotton lawn. Satin Moon had a better selection of it than Britex. I also lingered over a collection of manipulated silk organza. These were flat pieces of sheer fabric with bits of the same fabric sewn on top of it to create designs: rough-cut polka dots, wandering lines, etc. Difficult to describe, but brilliant. (Does it a bell with anyone? I’d love to show it here.)

Nearby was a discount fabric store called Fabrix. This shop had tons of garment fabrics, most at $2-5/yard. We were definitely suffering sensory overload at this point in the day so Fabrix just seemed disorganized and low-quality compared to what we had seen. With some more energy and digging powers I bet we could have found some good stuff, though.

Places we would have visited if we had an endless amount of time, energy, and funds:

in San Francisco:

Mendels (Haight Street)
Peapod (in the Sunset District)
Whizbang Fabrics (in the Mission/Potrero Hill District)

and in the East Bay:

Stonemountain and Daughter Fabric (Berkeley)
New Pieces (Berkeley)
Laura Kiran (Berkeley)
Exclusive Buttons (El Cerrito)

Points north:
Dharma Trading Co. — I love their catalog for blank garments, accessories, and fabric, and their dyeing and printing supplies. (San Rafael)
The Fabric Society (Mill Valley)
and even though it’s not fabric, Heath Ceramics (Sausalito)

Points south:
San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles in San Jose, of course

Many of these places and more are on these crafty maps of San Francisco and the East Bay, by Leslie.

A million thanks to Lisa! And to the commenters in this post and Fuzzy Galore for her Guide to San Francisco Fabric Stores. This list is good motivation to return someday.


  1. liz says:

    wow! this whole posting series has been fantastic! i live in the bay area and was going to venture into the city this weekend to check out britex and urban burp. it’s so fun to see that there is so much more! and i don’t have to go very far to find it!


  2. lisa s says:

    come back come back!
    i think i’m the official heath guide. i take everyone there :)