“City” in Blue

“House” in brown

Collected by Tas-ka is an initiative from Design studio Tas-ka, a Dutch company by Jantien Baas en Hester Worst. Collected by Tas-ka is a collection products from all over the world. In the webshop we will sell our own Tas-ka collection and also products from other designers. We have a wonderful selection special books and magazines. To give the webshop a personal character we will sell old ceramics, vintage furniture and beautiful illustrations. Everything we think is beautiful and special and we would like to share with you, we will collect in our webshop. So you have an experience of being in a candy shop.

The two original Tas-ka fabric prints sold through Collected by Tas-ka above come in four colorways each, 1.40 meter wide on 100% cotton. 33EUR (~$45 U.S.) per meter, and they ship internationally.

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