Tapestries as Fabric

Tapestries (not true tapestries, which are handwoven decorative textiles, but the big sheets of fabric with hemmed edges) make great makeshift dorm room headboards or coverups for ugly furniture. They are also a source for inexpensive fabric. Urban Outfitters has been selling tapestries for a long time (I even remember them marketing the tapestries as fabric for a brief period a few years ago). I admit to continuing to buy them despite their allegedly shaky business practices. Usually I pick them up on clearance, but even at the full cost of $36, a 90 x 108″ tapestry is a pretty good deal — that yields six yards 45″ wide fabric, which comes to $6/yard. It’s not the highest quality fabric — expect lots of shrinkage, fading, and don’t use it for anything that will get lots of wear — but sometimes I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well it holds up.

Target is now selling tapestries too. This “damask” print (below) is pretty cute. It comes in ivory too. At $19.99, that’s $3.33/yard.


  1. cristina718 says:

    Great minds think alike. I bought one of the bird tapestries you showcase here last week to turn into a skirt.

  2. Lanny Tennen says:

    I have bought a whole pile of beautiful tapestry fabric (which are usually used for upholstered furniture) at an online store called iluvfabrix.com.

    I found this store through googling upholstery fabric (they came up first) and have since bought a ton from them.

    They always seem to have a slae going on and whoever buys their fabrics has incredible taste….just like my own (LOL).

    Anyway if you want to have a look click the following link (sorry if it doesnt work)… http://www.iluvfabrix.com/products.php

    Have fun.


  3. karen says:

    Lanny Tennen is the owner not a customer of http://www.iluvfabrix.com. He is lying to promote his own business. He is a liar and a thief! Will steal your money! He has cases against him with the better business bureau in Canada. Beware!!!!