Super Eggplant’s Unmentionables (-To-Be)

Mariko of Super Eggplant got some fabric to make underthings. Honestly I never gave much thought to the fabric content of my drawers or considered it possible to make my own until reading her post. Which doesn’t mean I will anytime soon, but I still feel my worldview has been expanded a little bit, and that’s always good.

The fabric is from Sew Sassy, who describe themselves thusly:

We specialize in tricot, lace, elastic and lingerie fabrics, bra making supplies, lycra® and speciality fabrics for swimwear, activewear and costumes, and stretch fabrics containing lycra® or spandex for outer wear.

Sew Sassy sells supplies wholesale too.

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  1. Amy says:

    My grandmother (father’s mother) was a seamstress and after my parents were married, she made all kinds of underwear for my mother–in addition to my mother’s wedding dress and tons of clothes for us and our Barbie dolls. But I always felt underwear was a very old-fashioned sort of thing to make yourself, since I haven’t heard anyone talk about doing it lately! But the ones she made were certainly in a very old-fashioned kind of style. (These were DEFINITELY your grandmother’s panties!)