Sources for Linen Online

This is the second in a series of posts on linen. Part one, Know Your Linen, was on Monday, sewing with linen will be posted on Friday.

All-linen or mostly-linen:


Grayline Linen: The linen mothership in New York City’s fabric district also sells online. They have handkerchief weight, “Warsa” (medium), and “Judy” (medium-heavy) in a wide palette of colors, prints, yarn dyes, and pretty much everything you can do with 100% linen, all at BARGAIN prices. Their website has a lot of gaps, but I hear they have great customer service and you can always call them (1-866-58-LINEN) with your specific needs. is another mostly-linen shop. The website is very well-organized, it’s easy to find the weight and color you’re seeking. They carry plain linen, jacquard weaves, prints, yarn-dyes, and blends. The prices are extremely good – mid-weight plain natural linen is only about $6.50 per yard. If you’re not sure what to get, they will send you free samples. Full Disclosure: I just joined their affiliate program, so I earn a little money if you buy through the link.


Linnet: in addition to plain linen in every weight from gauze to canvas, they carry towelcloth and grain bag cloth; gorgeous prints; blended fabrics; and linen thread, ribbon, yarn, and lace. Some custom Linnet cotton prints too. Be warned, the product photography will make you extremely wanty. Plain linen is 1400 yen (about $14) per 50 cm (about 1/2 yard). They ship worldwide (I think?) and have a physical shop in Kyoto, Japan.

Stores That Carry Other Fabrics Too

If you’re looking for more of a one-stop shop, try these:

Fashion Fabrics Club: A search for “100% linen” returned 461 items, looks to be around $9.50/yard average. Blends are very inexpensive (around $4/yard). Irish linen in various weights is $10.98/yard, European linen is a little more. Also stocks some nice prints.

Denver Fabrics: Has their linens organized by color instead of weight or blend vs. 100% linen, but the descriptions are thorough so you can find the right fabric for your project. 100% linen solids are around $9.50/yard.

Period Fabric: Specializing in fabrics for period costumes; has a small selection of linen solids, stripes, and plaids amongst their inventory of interesting (and very inexpensive) fabrics.

Silk Road: Though you have to call or fax in your order, I had to mention my local fabric store! This little Austin shop carries only natural fibers. They have very high-quality (I have bought from them, so I can vouch for that!) 60″ wide 100% linen solids for $14.95/yard, handkerchief and medium weight.

If I have missed any online sources for linen, please let me know in the comments!


  1. Hey, I sell linen! ;p

    Though I haven’t bought from I do buy my linen from, so I will definitely go through your link in future! They have a lovely array of solid colors in various weights and there’s generally a discount code available if you look for it.

    I didn’t know about some of these shops, so I’ll check them out.

  2. Diane says:

    I am addicted to your blog!

    I wanted to add Kokka as a manufacturer who is making several cute kawaii prints with linen/ cotton blends. Cosmo Textiles, also from Japan, has several as well – but are harder to find. You can search Etsy for these.

    The Kokka linens are more medium weight, while the Cosmo ones are more standard weight.

    Thanks for the the great post!

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  4. Just a little note… I ordered from gray line linen over a month ago & never received my order. Plus when I have called they have terrible customer service & have yet to do anything about my missing order. So I would definitely discourage anyone considering ordering from them! I know I won’t be ordering from them again! (Which is disappointing as I was really looking forward to my order because they do have a nice selection, just not great on the customer service end of things!)

  5. Sarah says:

    I just posted about Greyline Linen on my blog. I had an poor experience and would not reccommend them.