Modern Fabrics

Through the April 2008 online edition of Readymade Magazine, I learned of Modern Fabrics, a North Carolina business run by couple James and Ewa Powell that rescues landfill-bound remnant fabric from furniture manufacturers and sells them at deep discounts.



From their About page:

We focus our selections around designer textile companies including Maharam, Pollack, Sina Pearson, Knoll Textiles, Momentum, Luna Textiles, Designtex, Jhane Barnes, ARC Com, Kravet, and many more. These textiles are generally only offered to-the-trade (designers and professionals), yet we make them available to everyone.

As you can see, these aren’t bottom-of-the-barrel La-Z-boy upholstery fabrics, they are gorgeous, high-end, retro/modern designs. It makes me a little sick to my stomach to learn that people routinely throw fabric out, so the Powells are not only reducing waste, they are saving fabric lovers everywhere from queasiness.


The only bummer is that you can’t order only the yardage you require for a project, you have to buy the entire length of fabric that they have in stock.


  1. Leah says:

    I love the green/blue striped one near the top of the post. What a great idea for the website, you could do fabric reviews and get companies to send you free samples of every new line!!! Isn’t that what it’s all about?? (j/k) But definitely you will be able to get into vendor only shows, good for YOU!!! I’ll keep checking back to check it out. It’s always great to see someone have an idea and pursue it through to the end. Keep it up! Maybe you could put a few swatches in the header for color and to give an immediate recognition to the blog? You could change out the swatches every now and then, it could be your favorite fabrics of the week/month. Call it ‘swatch roll’ instead of ‘blog roll’. Good luck!

  2. Hello Kim,

    We love your website- it is wonderful to see people share their love of fabrics!

    Just to give your readers an update, we are planning on giving our customers the ability to order fabric in 1/8 yard increments!

    Hopefully by July/August ’08, we will have our shopping cart tweaked to provide this option.

    We will let you know when it is available!
    Best Regards-

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