Interview: Daisy Janie

audrey by daisy janie

“Audrey” by Daisy Janie

You may have seen Daisy Janie recently on Decor8 and the Spoonflower blog. Owner Jan DiCintio creates her own custom fabric and sews them into beautiful bags and other accessories, and also sells wonderful, affordable yardage featuring her original designs. Jan also runs Scoutie Girl, a blog dedicated to “fabulous finds from indie designers.” She talked with Spoonflower about her design process; also read this interview she did with her local paper. I have been keeping up with her blog since I found out about her, and it is a great read; highly recommended! I had a few questions for her myself, and she graciously obliged …

Do you do Daisy Janie and Scoutie Girl full-time?
No kidding, but today was my last day at my day job! So full-time it is, from here on out. ed. note: What a coincidence! Congratulations!

Which came first for you design-wise, the bags or the fabric?
Back in 2002-3, my former business partner and I were painting designs on fabric and sewing them into bags (in addition to painting walls and furniture). We always talked about “designing fabric” and getting our designs printed – we just didn’t know how. She went back to teaching, and I continued making handbags but with store-bought fabric. In early 2006, when I saw the same fabrics turning up on so many other handbags, I decided to design my own fabrics to set my handbags apart from the crowd. I designed one other collection specifically for my handbags, but this current collection is the first that really represents me, my style, my palette … and the first that I’m offering for sale as yardage.

lulu by daisy janie

“Lulu” by Daisy Janie

Do you have any formal training or other background in fabric design?
My degree is in Marketing. Yowsa. I’ve taken art classes but do not have a degree. For the first art-based business I owned – in 1999 – I created funky, handpainted mirrors. That was very much a hands-on study in designing and creating pattern repeats that were balanced and harmonious. Lots of layering to create texture and movement.

Who are your favorite fabric/textile designers from the past and/or present?
Marimekko, Hollabee, Of Paper and Thread, Cicada Studio, Diane Kappa, Angie Lewin, Yaling Hou of Flowie, Paula Smail of Henry Road.

Where else do you find inspiration?
My son’s artwork; the juxtaposition and nuances of nature’s shapes and textures; standing in front of the paint swatches in a hardware store pretty much makes me frenetic to design something!!

jackie by daisy jane

“Jackie” by Daisy Janie

Jan is holding a giveaway via the must-read Love Surface Design blog. Pick your favorite Daisy Janie design and follow this link to comment about it on this post by midday Sunday (GMT — I think!); Jan will pick a random winner and send them a free fat quarter!


  1. Jan is, hands down, my #1 contemporary hero. She’s got the talent AND the gumption! She’s been working hard and following her vision. This much I know, without doubt, from the brief time I’ve known her. I was so excited when I found her and “hearted” her Etsy shop months back- I felt, just maybe, I could be a part of something big and on the rise, like Jan. I’m just loving the community I’ve found in this field. Bravo Jan! Great interview!

  2. daisy janie says:

    Thank you, Kim, for taking an interest in my work. I appreciate the effort you’re putting into your blog and the field of fabric design – both past and present. With your support/exposure of emerging designers like me, the future looks bright, too!

  3. Suzy says:

    Thankyou so much for the lovely mention Kim. Wonderful, blog!

  4. Wow! Those are fabulous!
    Thanks for introducing me to more wonderful fabrics.

    Kimberly :)

    Oh, and I spotted the mention of my pink tulip head fabric! Thank you!