Inklude Studio

Joe prints red squares, from Inklude Studio

I came across Inklude Studio through the Etsy Custom Fabrics Pool on Flickr.

Inklude is a non-profit 501(c)(3) art and design studio in Downers Grove, Illinois that works with artists who have developmental disabilities. Among other media, they design and screenprint their own limited-edition fabric, which is crafted into handmade items. (It looks like they don’t sell yardage, but they should, shouldn’t they?!) Watch this video here of one of their artists explaining his design inspiration while he prepares a screen and prints.

Swatches of fabrics created by Inklude artists

This is just so cool. If you live in the area, Inklude has a few volunteer and internship opportunities, but if you’re not in the area, they accept donations of supplies and money. And of course you can buy their goods!

More swatches by Inklude artists

See more from the studio on Flickr and in their Etsy shop.

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