Ink & Spindle

Wow … I dreamt about a trip to Australia last night, then I wake up to this news. Lara Cameron (of Kirin & Co./Kirin Notebook), Bianca van Meeuwen of Hollabee (shop) and friend Tegan Rose are starting up their own fabric yardage screenprinting studio, Ink & Spindle.

Lara writes:

So for all those people out there who have always wanted to print their own fabric but don’t know where to go … we’ll be able to do it for you. We’re still a while away from being up and running, and will need some time to perfect the process – but our aim is to cater to anyone who’s interested in having their own designs printed onto textiles, not just those who are ‘in the know’ and have managed to uncover the few yardage printers around.

They have the Kensington studio space rented and are beginning to move in. Follow their progress on the Ink & Spindle blog.

Congratulations ladies!


  1. Lara says:

    Oh wow what a lovely post – thank you!!