Helen Dardik

helen dardik - pattern in green

helen dardik pattern

Helen Dardik is an extremely talented illustrator represented by Lilla Rogers Studio. I love this pattern, called “Birds in a Garden,” that she posted on her blog, Orange You Lucky.

She wrote:

I was making it as a wallpaper, but when finished – decided it could make it in fabric world. At the moment, the minty green and brown feels best. Still challenging myself to work with 2 colours maximum.

Yes. Yes yes yes. I would be all over that fabric. Someone please give this woman a fabric line stat! See more of Helen’s pattern designs here and on her portfolio site.


  1. I can tell this is going to be a dangerous site for me and I think I love you for it! Well done, Tracey

  2. KerryBerry says:

    I absolutely love your taking on an all fabric, all the time blog. You help fuel my fabric addiction and I am ok with that!

    The patterns by Helen Dardik are absolutely incredible and I for one, would snatch up each and every one of them in fabric form. I agree- someone needs to give this woman a fabric line!

    Love your blog!