Heather Ross Has a Website


Mendocino: “Underwater Sisters” in the Sunset colorway by Heather Ross

Tag this one “ohmygodohmygod.” Via FreeSpirit Fabric’s new blog: Heather Ross now has her own website!, with all sorts of treats inside.

First off, we get a look at her new line Mendocino, being introduced at spring Quilt Market in Portland in just a couple weeks. I first saw the line when Green Kitchen posted a sneak peek, but then it had to come back down as the designs were finalized. (Lucky, lucky Portlanders, even if you don’t have the credentials for Quilt Market, you get to meet Heather Ross and Denyse Schmidt in person at Bolt on May 16th.) Mendocino should be available in the stores soon thereafter.


“Kelp Forest” in the Sunset colorway

Mendocino comes in three delightfully named colorways: Jughandle (yellow/pink/purple), Sunset (orange/yellow/pink/brown), and Brackish (orange/light blue/chocolate brown). She says the chocolate brown and reds in the Brackish colorway were inspired by the fire-bellied newts that she encountered while working as a naturalist in the redwood forests of Northern California. (There are a LOT of color options in this line … from looking at my three picks here I’d say I must favor the browns!)


“Seahorses” in the Brackish colorway

Ross talks all about the Mendocino line in a podcast with Home Companion Magazine (scroll to bottom).

In her goods section, she also offers a look at her two new pajama collections coming out soon under her brand Munki Munki, including one commissioned by Walt Disney for which she re-imagined the characters of Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, and the Jungle Book. And check out the layette she designed for Pixie Lily. “Squeal-appeal” indeed!

Ross graciously allowed me to show the images above, and told me that she is also releasing a line of downloadable sewing patterns through her website toward the end of May. There will be summer dresses, tunics, shifts, and kid’s clothing. That, and a sewing book coming out next year. So much goodness. Are you overwhelmed?


  1. John says:

    Wow — great post. Lots of eye candy! I wonder if there’s any chance of the Disney prints becoming quilting fabrics? Maybe someone can ask at the Bolt event …

  2. Michelle says:

    Can’t wait to see Heather’s patterns. I think she has a book coming out, too.

    When will we get to go to a quilt market? Every time something cool and crafty happens in Portland, I want to zip right up there on a plane. Alas, small children keep me firmly planted.

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