Fabric From Old Sears Catalogs


Sears 1952 catalog page, from Hart Cottage Quilts

Leigh Fellner of Hart Cottage Quilts makes lovely, original “little” (which I assume is different from “miniature”?) quilts with vintage and antique fabric. Her website is also full of great information about quilt care and history, and fabric history too.

My favorite parts: Swatchbooks from the Early and Late Depression and Fabric in old Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs. I have a bunch of old JC Penney, Sears, and Montgomery Wards catalogs and have been meaning to scan in the fabric pages to show you. Here are some more Sears pages from the 1950s on Hart Cottage Quilts.


Montgomery Ward 1933 catalog page, from Hart Cottage Quilts

via Joan Kiplinger‘s VintageFabrics email list.


  1. Baba says:

    Don’t you just wish it was still this price? Love the fabrics.

  2. Rosie Nunez says:

    Greetings from the island of Puerto Rico!!! I came upon your website while searching for “Old JCPenny & sears catalogs for sale”. I love them, even though i’m 26. I imagin back then things nust have been a lot better than now, it was a more innocent time, in a way. Anyway, love your website, and if you ever happen to sell any of your old stuff, let me know! God Bless and Happy New Year 2009. My e-mail is Rnun82@YAHOO.COM