Here is a truly unique and exciting shop. EmilyMe sells through Etsy from Bangkok, Thailand. She gets her fabric from a local family who hand-screenprints their designs on a 90% cotton/10% polyester blend. This family has been making their fabrics since the 1950s and are currently reprinting the vintage designs. There’s an assortment of 60s-70s-ish designs in in the EmilyMe shop alongside more timeless Asian-inspired florals. EmilyMe writes that she’s personally seen about 70-80 designs from their archive of almost 1,000, so stay tuned as more become available.

Only 30 yards are printed in each colorway, and she only has 2-5 yards of each design, so if you see something you like, snap it up!


  1. Spare Ribbon says:

    That fabric is really cool and very unique!

  2. EmilyMe says:

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks so much for the lovely review!

  3. Wow! What fun prints!
    Love the orange poppies.
    I’ll have to check them out.