Domestic Element


“Parking Lot”

Domestic Element is the Seattle-based textile business of Jessica Smith. She produces “hand printed, jacquard woven, and digitally printed textiles for the home which infuse the history of patterns such as Toile du Jouy, Chintz, and Americana with a contemporary twist.” Contemporary twist is an understatement! Her designs are edgy, witty, cerebral, and just basically awesome. I’m pretty sure she was the first designer to come up with the contemporary urban update of toile and Chinoiserie patterns, which has become a mini-trend.




“Gardeners Beware: Inspired by 19th century botanical illustrations of contemporary narcotics.”


  1. Leanne says:

    What a great find – thanks so much for your research and lovely gems you show us each day. I really love the irony and story telling of Jessica Smith’s work. Thanks again!

  2. incredible work ;) ) very creative, but the site it´s ugly it don´t help to give values for her work, it too much “sobrius”

  3. I agree, my website needs a serious revision. Sobrius is a great word for it. A revision is on the way! I have also moved. To Savannah, Ga. Its a great place to foster my love of story and satire. Thanks for the support.