Alexander Vonquet



Looking around eBay for vintage barkcloth this week I found this listing for a zebra barkcloth designed by Alexander Vonquet from seller hipasbury. The fabric is pretty cool but the story is even better. A snippet:

Who is Alexander Vonquet, you may be wondering. Why, only the most influential designer of some of the most prestiged barkcloth designs. A personal friend whose lifetime claim to fame was his textile designs. Sadly these notorious designers of the time weren’t valued as the true artists they were back in the 50s as they are today.

I met Alexander in my pursuits of antique barkcloth. I answered an ad in the Miami Herald. Alexander was selling off some of his prized collection of Miami Modern Chic. His flare was tropical with a moderne influence. … With a showroom in his penthouse on Ocean Drive in Miami’s South Beach district, it was nothing short of a glimpse of old Miami …

Read the whole story in the auction’s description, and be prepared to tear up a little bit.

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  1. Sunnie says:

    Hi, Kim…I found your blog through the Spoolflower site!
    I’ll enjoy reading the archives…looking a photos of fabric is almost as good as the real thing!
    Too bad people can’t feel that wonderful barkcloth you’re showing!