Unclutterer on Fabric Stashes


Those home improvement and organization shows have gotten to me — I’ve got the decluttering bug. Unclutterer is a great resource and cheerleader. Here’s a post from last year on fabric stashes. Does it hurt you like it hurts me to read it? I will declutter every other inch of my living space, but being this much of a minimalist with the fabric stash is out of the question. For now anyway. It might be considered clutter in that I have more than I need (in too small of a space too boot), but it is useful and a huge inspiration for me.

That said, it is still good to organize one’s stash and crafting space with a decluttering mindset, getting rid of fabrics that have fallen into the “meh” category, not to mention supplies for other crafts that you no longer have time for. In fact, I already see a couple pieces in the picture above that I could part with.

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  1. Tara says:

    I go through mine every so often and cut out the “Meh” fabrics and put them into a tub that’s hidden away. If they don’t come out of the tub and get used in a year, they’re gone. It’s a good system for me!

  2. I live in a very small home, so I well know and even embrace the minimalist, declutter movement…in most areas.

    For me, selling my fabrics to another appreciative home is one thing…but, just getting rid of it? That’s almost too painful to even think about.

    Even the fabrics that I acquired as “tag alongs” in box lots are sitting patiently waiting for the right project to be used in. LOL

    I imagine when it begins to spill out of the sewing room I may need to reconsider this position.

    Kimberly :)

  3. Monica says:

    I’m not sure the author of the article really quilts–no true quilter would give up a fabric just because they haven’t used it in 6 months To a year!