Show Us Your Stash: Immaculately Folded Edition

This is much-needed motivation for me. Here’s one good way to fold fabric so that all your fabrics end up the same width for stacking. What’s your system?

Fabric Stash

from Quaint Handmade (blog)

I love fabric

From Hip to Piece Squares (blog)

Stash, shelved

From Samantha (blog)


From lottielulu (blog)


From Uplifting Arts (blog)

Warm hues in the fabric closet

From Karen D (blog)

Add your stash pictures to the True Up Flickr pool, immaculately folded or not, tag “stash.”


  1. Diane says:

    I’m drooling! These pictures are great! I’m impressed how organized everyone is. I have to work on my personal stash – get it out of the bins and into the open. :)

  2. cindy k says:

    thank you so much for including our modest stash! the tower in the last photo is amazing – i’m sure i would always want the fabrics on the bottom ;) . i like the tutorial as i just eyeball it, which probably takes longer in the end.

    i love your blog and your banner is fantastic!

  3. sarah says:

    I stash vertically, folding the fabric around backing boards (see photo in flickr pool) – maybe it’s just me but I could never keep my fabric in order when it was stacked traditionally!

  4. leah says:

    Thanks for posting my pic. I used happy zombies method but didn’t have a ruler that was the right size, so I cut up an old/ warped cutting mat. It worked great plus i find I still use it now to put the fabric away. Its been surprisingly easy to keep the neatness and I’m not a neat person when it comes to fabric. -good luck!

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