Best Fabric Ever

Some readers have posted about their favorite contemporary fabric ever. What’s yours? Post about it on your blog or on Flickr. I love hearing how your favorites reflect who you are as a sewist and person.

!!blue loves Ume-Komachi – Blossom

This is all time favorite print and colorway

CampFollowerBagLady loves this one from Amy Butler’s Ginger Bliss

Best polka dots ever

californiaAMY loves these polka dots from Mag & Mim for Timeless Treasures

2886-K Cultivated Cotton

SomeArtFabric loves corn and artichokes from the Cultivated Cotton Line by Lonni Rossi

Fabric Stash - Woodland fungi and critters

paperspirit loves Woodland Fungi & Critters


  1. Janice says:

    My all time favorite is one I have never had nor probably ever will! I fell in love with it in a photo on another blog, but she can’t find anymore of it, nor can she find the manufacturer as there was no selvedge information. It’s the most fabulous fabric I’ve seen in a long time.

    Here it is in use: