Sale Alert Sunday: Europe, Asia, Africa

In an effort to break up the sea of text that Sale Alert Sunday posts have become, I’m going to try breaking them up into continents. Note that most shops offer international shipping, but most readers wish to “shop local” first so I hope this system will help. Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments.

The Cotton Patch (UK): free half metre of Kaffe Fassett with £35 purchase. (through 12/31/08)

Good-ness (Japan): a discount for SouleMama readers (you are one, aren’t you?) — 15% off your order before shipping costs with coupon code soulemama (put it in the ‘notes to seller’ box and a refund for that amount will be issued to you). (through 11/30/08)

Twins Garden Fabrics (Germany): Yoko Saito prints on sale. Worldwide shipping available.

Volksfaden (Germany): Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Erin McMorris, Erin Michael, Japanese prints, Jennifer Paganelli, Joel Dewberry, Urban Chiks, bolt ends, and lots of other good stuff in the sale section. (’till it’s gone)

Skinny LaMinx (South Africa): Radically reduced shipping costs — a tea towel that used to cost $5.50 to send will now get to you for just $1.50! “This is all in the name of passing on savings on shipping that the crashing global economy has, oddly enough, sent my way.” (through 11/31/08)

Help me improve these Sale Alerts! If you are a shop (even if you’re brick-and-mortar only) and want to be featured in these posts, please let me know.


  1. julia says:

    I think breaking up the sale alerts makes it much more reader friendly ! Thanks for the extra effort and hard work!!

  2. melissa says:

    Thank you very much for breaking these sale alerts up! Yes, most US shops do ship internationally, but the shipping costs are almost always more than the cost of your fabric!! So I really only stick to UK and Western European stores and this makes it much, much easier to skim the sales. THANK YOU!