New Selvedge Issue


The July/August 2008 issue of Selvedge Magazine is out now. I have a digital subscription through Exact Editions — highly recommended since it’s far more affordable than the paper version and gives you access to all the back issues.

The issue’s theme is “Indian Summer” and contains a few standout articles on block printing in Jaipur, and the history of the textile trade between India and the West. Other good stuff:

- A feature on Takashi Iwasaki‘s embroidery (oh how I love this guy)

- A trend report on silhouette and papercut motifs

- An obit for Swedish textile designer Anna Sorensson

- A profile of Susanne Grundell, one of the “10-gruppen” (Ten Swedish Designers collective) that revolutionized Swedish textile design in the 1970s.

- True Up hero Skinny LaMinx gets not-one-but-two mentions!


  1. Melanie says:

    oooh, where might one get a copy of the paper version?

  2. alexia says:

    hi kim,
    so loving the new blog!!! makes me want to dust mine off ;)