Quilt Market Fall 2008: Robert Kaufman

I sat down with the marketing department of Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Kyle Sanchez, Emmie Goldenbaum, and Allie Heath. Since RK provides fabric for both the quilting and manufacturing markets, they have a huge selection and are particularly strong in solids and basics, including their much-loved Kona Cotton Solids. They also produce collections by designers Amy Schimler and Diane Zimmerman, amongst others.

Here are some of the newest prints …


corduroy - brown

Corduroy prints in brown, pink, and blue — see the black collection too.


Floral Stripe

They also have a lot of interesting fabrics in their greenSTYLE collection — I’d encourage readers to seek this out in your local fabric shops, since photos don’t do it justice. There’s Ultima Eco fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles — it was a bit stiff but could make some great garments and accessories; Panda, a cotton-bamboo blend that comes in solids, prints, and corduroy; and my favorite, Sea-Tiva, a seaweed-extract/cotton blend which was incredibly soft and drapey. This fabric supposedly also has health benefits, but I find the claims a bit far-fetched.

See more from the Robert Kaufman booth here.


  1. Kathleen says:

    Those little skulls with heart eyes are great! I absolutely love them!!

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for the link Kim. The marketing and design department at Robert Kaufman are so great at what they do and absolutely fabulous to work with. Glad you had a chance to meet them.

  3. Nanette says:

    Robert Kauffman fabrics are some of my very favorites. I would love to make quilts for them.

  4. morgan says:

    Love Love Love those fabrics especially the pairs!

  5. I love Robert Kaufman Fabrics so much that I started a flickr group Robert Kaufman Fanatics. I loved seeing the pictures from the quilt market and the swatch cards because that’s behind the scenes stuff that most of us don’t get to see.

  6. Cherri House says:

    Aren’t those pears the best! Kyle Sanchez just did a segment on AM Northwest featuring Kona Cottons, and two pear quilts that I created for them. The solids and the prints work great together.

    Love your blog! It was good to meet you at Fabric 2.0