Quilt Market Fall 2008: Jay McCarroll

Jay McCarroll: Process Board

I’ve already posted my picture with Jay McCarroll, and I think everyone else sharing their reports from Quilt Market got their own picture with him … but have you gotten a look at his booth and seen his fabric in action?

Jay McCarroll: Process Board Zoom

I loved this inspiration/process board showing his sketches and edits for the fabric mixed with Polaroids of friends. All designers should have these at their booths! They probably get jaded after creating their third or fourth or 28th collection and don’t think this type of thing would be interesting. But the pure joy and excitement of creating fabric came through here, and it’s always interesting for fans to peek behind the curtain.

Jay McCarroll: Process Board Zoom

Projects in Jay McCarroll's Booth

Recognize this block used in the bottom pillow? I think it’s same one he used in famous quilted overcoat in his winning collection for Project Runway’s first season. Can’t find an image of the backside, though, only the front.


  1. Erin says:

    Another fascinating peek at the process! These are so fun to read. :)

  2. Bridget B. says:

    Thanks for this! I love seeing the inspiration boards of other artists – getting some insight into their process. It makes me way more excited about the fabrics!! Seeing these gets me a little giddy about the Jay McCarroll fabrics . . . yummy!

  3. jessica says:

    i can’t wait to get my paws on his fabric. i love me some jay.