The List Grows

Estonian: kangas
German: Stoff
Japanese: nuno (ahh, nuno plus! I get it!)
Finnish: kanga
French: tissu
Italian: tessuto
Polish: tkanina
Portuguese: tecidos
Russian: tkan
Spanish: tela

What is the word for “fabric” in your favorite language?


  1. Tricia says:

    What a great list! (I love “stoff.”)

    Minor point: It’s kangas in Estonian. Not plural, but you need the ‘s’.

  2. Kim says:

    Fixed! Thanks!

  3. Tin says:

    “tyg” in Swedish

    I can see a book coming from this – “How to buy fabric in 101 languages” :)

  4. HildeC says:

    In Norwegian it is: Stoff :-)

  5. Laura says:

    “Abric-fay” in Pig Latin :)

  6. rosa says:

    In Portuguese “tecido” (without the S) is the singular. We also have the word “pano” (panos in the plural). In Spanish, “tejido” is also used (i think). Like the Portuguese “tecido”, this word means “woven fabric”.

  7. soph says:

    in welsh it’s defnydd. i had to look it up as i only know odd words, but i can at least manage the pronunciation: devnuth (a voiced th as in “that”, not as in “both”)

  8. Michelle says:

    In Australian, it’s “material”. ;-)

  9. Mari says:

    It is kangas in Finnish. The s in the end does not indicate plural.