Scissor Sharpening Post Follow-Up

A learned a lot from your comments on the scissor sharpening post:

Rosa said that Portugal has these roving sharpeners, or amolador de tesouras, who have bike-powered sharpening tools and play a unique tune on a flute to announce their arrival. Doesn’t that make you so happy?

Sarah wrote that folding some aluminum foil a couple times and cutting into it a bunch will sharpen your blades in a pinch.

And it appears that the going rate for plain (non-pinking) sewing shears is around $7 in the U.S., so don’t pay any more than that!


  1. celia says:

    God, I don’t even turn the video on. In my village everytime this man appears everyone makes crosses with their fingers!
    They have always been related to death and bad things, I think it’s because in the old times having a newly sharpened knife allowed the bad men to go and make bad things…. lol…
    I know that in our near village they don’t allow that man to go there!, lol…
    Not nice!

  2. Lainie says:

    Hmmmm . . . I wouldn’t trust a $7 pair of scissors to cut fabric. Investing in good tools (and good fabric) pays off in good results for years to come — it’s my top suggestion for new sewers. You can start with cheap tools and $1/yard fabric from WalMart, but the results may be so disappointing that you’ll never sew again.

  3. Concha says:

    There’s also a popular saying in Portugal that these “amoladores” bring the rain… very funny.