“Fabric” in Other Languages Updated

I realized I never posted an update to our multilingual list of terms for “fabric.” I was happy to discover either my browser or WordPress renders all the non-Latin alphabets correctly for me — I hope it’s the same for you. I also made the list its own page so you can always find it directly from the front page.

American Sign Language: see video here (need to navigate to “f” and click “fabric”)
Arabic: قماش (qemash)
Bahasa Indonesia: kain
Bosnian: tkanina
Danish: stoff
Dutch: Stoff
Estonian: kangas
German: Stoff
Hebrew: אריג (areeg)
Hindi: कपड़ा (kapra)
Japanese: 布 (kanji alphabet), ぬの (hiragana alphabet), pronounced “nuno”
Korean: ot ggam
Finnish: kanga
French: tissu
Italian: tessuto
Malagasy (Madagascar): lamba
Mandarin Chinese: buliao (布料) or bu(布)
Norwegian: stoff
Polish: tkanina
Portuguese: pano / tecido
Russian: ткань (tkan)
Spanish: tela / tejido
Swedish: tyg
Tagalog: tela
Turkish: KumaÅŸ
Welsh: defnydd

Any additions or corrections? Please let me know in the comments.


  1. To the Italian one, you might want to add “stoffa”. It would then be as complete as the Spanish translation. Good job!

  2. Annemari says:

    There’s one “s” missing from the end of the word in the Finnish translation. It is written “kangas” just like in Estonian.

    You’ve made a nice list! :)

  3. Carina says:

    For the Danish one, there’s only one f, ‘stof’. (-:

  4. suegene says:

    For Korean, the most commonly used word for fabric would be 천 “cheon” (rhymes with “fun”). 옷감 “ot gam” is also used and literally means “clothing material”.