Fabric Hookups

I’ve received a few queries from people looking for recently released fabrics. I’m going to do the lazyweb hive-mind thing and turn the questions over to you!


Denyse Schmidt’s County Fair is beginning to arrive in shops … Lisa is looking for the “Promenade Patchwork” cheater cloth and finding it’s already sold out everywhere she looks! Can anyone help?


Chantal is looking for a source for Anna Maria Horner’s Garden Party line in Paris, France, or from an online source that ships internationally. I know J. Caroline Creative has the entire line and ships internationally — anyone else?


  1. amanda says:

    Looks like Purl Soho has ‘em both.
    County Fair – http://www.purlsoho.com/purl/products/fabricdetail/4189
    Garden Party – http://www.purlsoho.com/purl/products/fabricdetail/4233
    Also for small quantities of fabric, I find that eBay and etsy sellers often have better shipping prices domestically or internationally than regular fabric shops.

  2. lindamade says:

    E-quilter has the denyse schmidt print (http://equilter.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_prod.html?p_prodid=99836&sid=93LKiA1@6HLVCr0-52108079644.70).

    I eagerly ran all over the web in fear thinking that I needed to buy it NOW but it seems slightly more expensive at e-quilter, and I think some of the shops just don’t have it yet. Or I hope.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Garden Party is showing up on etsy and perhaps some of the sellers ship internationally.

  4. kirsten says:

    i’m wondering when heather ross’ new line will be out – i’d heard may 2008, but haven’t seen the new fabrics anywhere yet.

  5. lsaspacey says:

    Thanks so much for posting this! Because of it, my local quilting shop has already contacted me and let me know they have County Fair in stock!

    Now, that’s what you call service!

  6. celia says:

    Maybe equilter can be a bit more expensive (not always) but it is quite worth it!
    The international service is the best I have ever had. In less than one week I have had my package knocking at my door and I live in an island in SPain so I am sure, in Paris will be even faster!
    Hope you’ll find this helpful!

  7. Anne Murray says:

    Funkyfabrix.co.au have this fabric, and lots more beautiful fabrics. I know this post is a bit late but you might enjoy having a look at this site. they ship internationally.