Fabric Finding Websites

I’ve received a few queries from people looking for particular fabrics; they don’t have enough to complete a project or are otherwise looking for something very specific that they’re having trouble tracking down.

I don’t have evidence for this other than my LQS (local quilt shop), but I bet web stores tend to turn inventory over relatively quickly compared to the thousands of fabric/quilting brick-and-mortar shops around the world. So the latter stores are the place to look, especially for discontinued quilting fabrics. There are a handful of places on the web to post your fabric-finding queries. These sites are frequented by fabric store people who can hook you up!

Missing Fabrics: Post a free ad with an image of the fabric you’re looking for, if available. You can send in a swatch and the site owner will scan it for you for $1. She writes: “We do seem to have about a 70% ratio of finding what is lost and have even found fabric that is 25 years old before. You just never know. And it never hurts to try.”

Fabrics.net fabric search: for both retail and wholesale buyers.

Fabric Finder Forum from A.H. Mercantile: looks like most posts get a reply or two, so you might have luck here.

Quiltshops.com: Less for “lost fabrics” than for price comparison … this is a network of online quilt shops sharing the same software; just enter your search terms and you’ll get results from over 200 shops.


  1. Lisa Clarke says:

    How handy! Thanks for those links.

  2. deirdre says:

    Love that missing fabrics website. I have so much fabric I’m never going to use. It would be nice to be able to help someone out!

  3. Caroline says:

    BEWARE!!! AH Mercantile has MANY complaints against it for not delivering goods. They took $80 from me and never sent the order, nor did they respond to my attempts to contact them, or to the Better Business Bureau or to Discover Cards, when they both investigated. I’ve seen many other complaints against them.