Three No-Sew Fabric Projects

I said in my intro post that I wouldn’t be focusing on crafting/sewing projects unless it helps us think about fabric in a new way. The following definitely qualified — I find that “no-sew” tends to mean “use glue or staples as a shoddy substitute for sewing” but these are truly no-need-for-sewing projects.


Nousnous offers a pdf tutorial on envelopes made from fabric; Portuguese and English versions available. (Via Craftzine)

Fabric covered cabinets (Via Whipup.)

The Michael Miller Fabrics blog, Making It Fun, goes one further and uses fabric as wallpaper, with liquid starch as the adhesive. They say it not only has great staying power, it’s also a cinch to remove and clean up.


  1. gina says:

    I love the wallpaper idea, especially for a child’s room. I want to decorate Olive’s room, but I also want her to be able to make it her own taste/style when she’s a bit older. It also seems like (with the right pattern) fabric would hide flaws in the wall… a serious bonus in this house.

  2. I have a fabric store in Roseville Ca. and we are always looking for fun new ideas to do with fabric. The cupboard was very clever. I love the envelopes and plan to try it and maybe offer it as a class at our store. We have done fabric on the wall, but not with glue we hung it with upholstery decorative tacks and it looked great. Thanks for the ideas