True Up’s Half Anniversary Gratitude and Giveaway

Today, True Up turns six months old. That’s something like three and a half years in internet time, isn’t it? OK, six months is not really a significant milestone, but it is nice excuse to thank everyone involved in making this site a success, and to show my thanks by having a big huge giveaway.

My lovely sponsors have chipped in five prizes …


1. $100 gift certificate from Pink Chalk Fabrics


2. $60 gift certificate from Retro Age Vintage Fabrics


3. 50€ gift certificate from Volksfaden*


4. Half-yard set of 14 fabrics from Heather Bailey‘s Pop Garden collection, from Bee Square Fabrics


5. $50 gift certificate from Phat Fabric


To enter to win one of these fabulous items, please leave a comment on this post with at least one suggestion for future True Up content. You could point me to a fabric collection, designer, company, or design era that I haven’t yet covered or a fabric type that I’ve neglected, suggest a theme for The Daily Swatch, ask a question about fabric, or anything else you can think of!

Thank you so much to my sponsors for providing these prizes. And thanks to all the readers and commenters — you have all helped make this venture even more fun than I originally thought it would be. Last but not even close to least, I am very gracious for my husband, Bryan, who believes in me and this site and tolerates using all my spare time and energy (and some of my not-spare time and energy, too) working on it.

I will close the drawing one week from today, Wednesday, Oct. 22, at noon central U.S. time and announce the winners shortly thereafter. Good luck!

*Volksfaden is located in Germany, and both the owner Linda and I felt it would be wasteful to ship her mostly American-imported fabric back to the U.S. or elsewhere in the world. So, this prize will be available to people with European addresses only. I have set up a separate post here for this special drawing. Europeans can enter the main drawing here for the other prizes as well. My apologies for the disparity, my non-European readers, but we thought this was the best solution!


  1. Jan says:

    Congrats on 6 months! Anything on baby nursery items would be appreciated~!

  2. Congratulations! With so many sites out there, it’s amazing that you’ve come up with such a winner. True Up is the CHEERS of fabricaholics! I’m so intimidated and yet fascinated by the computer age of textile design. I’d love more info on that so, you know, I can feel modern and up-to-date!
    Thanks for all you do!

  3. Kathryn says:

    Great blog! I’d love to learn more about combining colors.

  4. Jen says:

    Congratulations!! It seems like you have been here much longer than 6 months :) Love the vintage stuff. Keep up the great work!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love reading about the fabric design process. I especially like reading interviews from real designers – the ins and outs, how they got started, and what inspires them.
    By the way, this is a FABULOUS giveaway! Amazing prizes!

  6. Missy says:

    I adore your blog! I love to read insiring tutorials on childrens clothing. Like how to make a perfect collar or other technical things.

  7. Julie Webb says:

    How about a discussion of how to determine if projects are worthy of using a (precious) vintage fabric on…some sort of criteria by which sewers could determine if, in the end, they’re going to be happy they used a fabric that they’ll never be able to duplicate.

  8. Carmen says:

    I love fabrics with large prints, I think it is sometimes hard to find and I think they are so beautiful…like those Marimekko’s.

  9. Jamie Burton says:

    I love vintage stuff… The Daily Swatch, especially the fabrics with a children’s theme…!

  10. Tanya says:

    I would join others in requesting more information on linen including best sources, details regarding the various types and tips for selecting etc. Information on color trends is always fun. Fabulous give away… thank you and congratulations on this milestone.

  11. jan says:

    Love your blog! It makes me feel better about my stash-i-ness! I love vintage fabrics and feedsacks, so maybe a theme along those lines. Maybe something on dating fabric by width.

  12. ginevra says:

    Love the swatch-a-day stuff best. I’m kinda interested in the quilt-business side of stuff, so, I’d like any insights you have into what makes a quilt fabric really, really popular? What do people look for in a craft fabric?

  13. Angie says:

    I am new(er) to sewing, so I really like it when you chat with us about kinds of fabrics. I loved the linen series, and barkcloth was interesting too! I would love more information on Quilt Market. I dream of sneaking in!

  14. Love this site! I would love more vintage! I love the swatches!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

    Crossing my fingers and toes!

  15. regina says:

    This website is such a wealth of information already! Thanks for that.

    I was noticing that some heavier weight cottons say to “dry clean only” on the bolt label. Is that totally necessary? Just wondering. It looks like all my other suggestions have been taken already. I always love seeing the vintage stuff, organic and sustainable stuff too. Keep up the awesome work! We all appreciate good husbands like yours.

  16. joy says:

    i’m a new reader, so i’m not sure what’s been featured yet, but my suggestion would be any kitchen-themed fabrics, madras plaids (my obsession) and hand-painted fabrics/fabric artists. a tutorial on handpainting fabric would be a lovely bonus!

  17. ronit says:

    Great blog! I’d love to learn more about corduroy (one of my favorite fabrics but one I’m a little scared to sew) as well as learning more about fabric dying (solid, batiks, etc).

  18. Shiloah says:

    I would love to see more tips on what types of fabrics are best for various uses and projects. I’m a quilter and I love the variety to be found in the quilting-weight world, but those fabrics are often too lightweight for other types of crafts and home dec. Thanks!

  19. Congrats on the six month anniversary!

    You’re doing such a brilliant job and I’ve learnt so much along the way….

    I’d love to see more stuff on designing and printing your own fabric, and the fabric design process in general – from big design houses right down to gocco printing…..

    Thanks again for such a great blog, and such a generous giveaway!


    Leah xx

  20. Cecy says:

    I am new to your site. I would love to see items from japanese designer Shinzi Katoh.

  21. Michelle A. says:

    I would love to see projects and details on crafting with fabric…specifically card making, scrapbooking, altered items… as well as making unique fabric creations.

  22. Nicole (ikkinlala) says:


    I’d be interested in learning about organic or naturally-dyed fabrics.

  23. Mariah says:

    Feed sacks and anything else to do with quilting history. Congratulations on six months! I put you in my favs about a week ago! :-)

  24. Tricia says:

    I’d love to see an owl theme! Congratulations!

  25. Myrnie says:

    How about tips on hard-to sew fabrics? Thick things like denim and upholstery, thin crepes…I sew mostly quilting cotton, and haven’t ventured to much else.

  26. cerise says:


    what about a post on some traditional international fabric patterns and the history/folklore of them? it would be interesting to hear about the stories and inspiration behind fabric designs, any of them! even modern ones, actually.

  27. Jessica says:

    Congrats on six months!

    I’d like to see a post on vintage fabrics and copyright. I believe you’ve posted on that some in the past, but I would be very interested if you’ve learned more! I often see vintage fabrics that I would love to remake on Spoonflower, but I wouldn’t want to anger the copyright gods!

  28. Morgan says:

    Fun! I’d love to see more vintage fabric, especially brightly colored stuff from the ’50s. Or maybe few “world’s ugliest fabrics” posts?!

  29. Anne says:

    Thank you for all of the information you’ve given so far.

    I would like to see more information on how much yardage to buy if you see a fabric that you like, but don’t have a project in mind yet and don’t want to have a stash that overflows your sewing room. Also, more on coordinating fabrics so they go well together, but don’t end up too matchy-matchy.

  30. LizA says:

    I’m new to your site, but browsing here has been great! I am also a not so experienced sewer.
    I would like a post on sewing with heavier weight fabrics esp corduroy. International fabrics would also a great. I lived in Indonesia for a bit and they have the most amazing hand woven fabrics.

  31. Renee says:

    I love the vintage fabrics. I also like the sales alerts and the tweets update!
    I have you in my reader and always enjoy.

  32. Nanna says:

    I love sewing childern cloths from Ikea fabric, but I think you already has it covered…

  33. Lynne says:

    WOW – WOW – WOW!!! What a great website on fabrics and sewing. I’ve been sewing since I was 14 and I LOVE RETRO fabrics, since I’m a “vintage retro” person. The wealth of information you provide here and through your links, I find very enjoyable. Keep on – Keeping on!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

  34. Heather says:

    Just found your site through Pink Chalk’s link. Can’t wait to delve in!

  35. Carol says:

    Congratulations! Your site is wonderful = I’m always so inspired! And these are some FAB prizes!

    I’d love to see a swatch theme of music – notes, instruments, etc. :-)

  36. Cynthia says:

    Congratulations on your six month anniversary. I enjoy your articles and really have little to suggest as I think you are going in the right direction. Keep it up! Best wishes on the next six months!

  37. Livy says:

    Congratulations on a successful six months! I love seeing projects made with re-purposed vintage fabrics.

  38. meri says:

    Congrats for these 6 months of work! And thanks for the giveaway.
    I love Pippijoe’s fabrics and all linen. I would like to know more about printed linens

  39. Priscilla says:

    Congratulations, I’ve enjoyed your site since the beginning and think that it’s a great resource!

    I’d love a resource article on sites to find small amounts of vintage scraps or good quality reproduction scraps (perhaps by era) if you want to repair heirloom or vintage quilts.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  40. LisaB says:

    Congrats! 6 months of hard work – for us to all enjoy – thank you!

    I’d love to hear some details on what various fabric producers are doing to improve the sustainability of their products (i.e. ‘greener’ products).

  41. Jess says:

    I’m new, so anything focused on stuff for beginners would be greatly appreciated. I mean, I haven’t taken sewing anything since I was ten – I’m having to relearn how to cut fabric and pick needles!

    How about tutorials on using vintage fabrics in reupholstering furniture?

  42. Nichole says:

    Happy half anniversary. I’ve really enjoyed this blog and learning more about the object of by obsession…fabric! I’d love to see you continue to interview new and upcoming as well as established designers. Each designer has a different approach to the process of creating and a different path that led them to be a fabric designer, so I think it in endlessly fascinating subject.

  43. Lynn Judge says:

    Wow Congrats on the site and what a amazing giveaway!!

  44. Mary Corbet says:

    Six months of hard work, that’s for sure! Though when it comes to writing about and working with textiles, can we really call it hard work??!! Congrats on your half-year mark.

    For a contest suggestion, how about asking folks what their favorite project made from fabric was / is. What project finish, for example, were they most pleased with? or what project did they have the most fun making? etc.


  45. sarah says:

    Happy Anniversary! Save the Children used to sell fabric using drawings and prints of/from children around the world. I think they have discontinued their fabric and I have yet to find another manufacterer with prints as such.

  46. Debi says:

    I would love to see more about vintage tablecloth fabrics. I repurpose them for aprons.

  47. Jennifer says:

    I jumped over from Pink Chalk Fabrics. I like what I have seen so far. I would love to be educated on what types of fabric are similar and can be used in place of others when sewing for clothes.

  48. Juddie says:

    Hi there,
    I once saw a documentary about the history of men’s ties (neckties). It was really fascinating – I had no idea about the intricate processes of developing patterns for ties or the trend cycles directly relating tie designs with other items of clothing. Perhaps you might be able to explore these ideas in a future post?

    Thanks for the giveaway, and happy half anniversary!

  49. Ashley says:

    Andalucia… by Patty Young is a beautiful line of fabric.

  50. Nancy Holley says:

    I think it would be cool if someone gave some color inspiration challenges for sewing projects like show 2 or three colors and then let us post what we come up with.