Pink by Post’s Fat 3/8 yard Renaming Contest

A fat quarter is a one-fourth yard of 42-45″ quilting fabric cut to measure 18″ x 22-24″ instead of the “skinny” 9″ x 42-45″. Kathy Mack of Pink Chalk Studio and Pink by Post needs your help to name the bigger fat cuts that 55-6″ wide home decor fabric yields:

A fat quarter of 55/56″ fabric measures 18″x 28″. Why not cut them as “fat 3/8 yard” so the piece measures 28″x28″? Enough fabric to create a simple 26″ pillow and contain a complete printing of the 24″ repeat.

This is where you come in. I need a name. Fat 3/8 Yard doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue like saying Fat Quarter. Play along by leaving a comment [ed. note: not here on True Up, please follow the link to Kathy's post] with what you would call this. Think outside the box. Be clever. Be funny. Be brilliant! The winning idea gets their choice of a Joel Dewberry Fat 3/8 Yard Stack Pack or you can wait and choose the upcoming Denyse Schmidt line of home decor weight cottons (gosh they’re beautiful, yummy colors). I’ll draw a second winner from everyone who participates.

(I had to draw up an image to visualize what she’s talking about!)

I just love this! My entry is “couch potato quarter,” you know, to reflect the home dec-ness of the cuts. Yeah? No?

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