Maker Faire Austin Ticket Giveaway

I don’t know how many of you are Central Texans (or will find yourself in or around Austin the weekend of Oct. 18-19), but I have three tickets to give away for the upcoming Maker Faire in Austin. There is one adult ticket and two student tickets. There will be some good textile-related Makers and Bizarre Bazaar vendors this year.

Just leave a comment to enter the drawing — and let me know one crafty thing you love about Austin and one crafty thing you think is missing. And also indicate if you’d like the adult or student tickets.

I will draw a winner randomly on Wednesday, Oct. 8, ’round noon.


  1. Courtney says:

    My fingers are crossed for this drawing!!!

    One crafty thing I love: I can’t limit myself to just one … this town is bursting with inspiration, with amazing fabric shops, with outstanding crafty bloggers, with delicious yarn shops, and with the Maker Faire.

    Something lacking: a shop that sells Japanese craft books, fabrics, etc.

  2. Jocelyn says:

    I love that you can find classes for practically every craft! But we lack classes for letterpress.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I would love either an adult or student ticket, i have my old student id i can use in a pinch!

    I love craftorama, teaching there, shopping there, hanging out and knitting there!

    One thing i find lacking but i’m not sure that it does or ever will exist…. but i would love a store that stocked alllll of the new lines of quilting fabrics. Like if one of the online shops created a brick and mortar. Actually if would open up a brick and mortar that would be the best thing ever, they have everything!

  4. Christine H. says:

    I love that we have choices when it comes to locally owned b&m knitting, quilting & needlework shops. What I don’t love is having to go to JoAnn’s or online for apparel fabric. Sure, the Silk Road has silk & some linen—but I really wish we had more options.

    I’d love an adult ticket, please!

  5. wendy says:

    I’m new to Austin, so love the fact that there so many artists and crafters here!

    One thing that I wish though is that there was a local fabric shop that carried all the fun new lines from free spirit and others… there’s craftorama, but I wish something like Bolt from portland!

    I would love an adult tickets! Thanks!

  6. Meghan says:

    I love crafting in Austin, although I really wish we had a large and fabulous fabric store with all the new prints and foreign craft books and magazines (French, Japanese, etc).

    I also really want to learn letterpress and screenprinting and wish there was a studio that offered lessons. Or some sort of a craft incubator, where different artists could meet up so that if I needed new business cards, I could get a local artisan that does letterpress to make them for me… that way we could all support and connect with other crafters in the city.

    I’d take a student ticket!

  7. I love the vibrant crafty community here! Used to be people said, “You can’t swing a cat in Austin without hitting a musician.” Seems like you could put “crafty lady”, “fashion designer”, or “knitter” in there these days.

    That said, I have to drive a long way from East Austin to get to a fabric/craft/supply shop (other than Ginger’s)! I end up not buying as locally as I’d like, just to avoid driving all over town. :(

  8. Paul Hubner says:

    PRO: How about almost any meetup group in existence! I don’t want to needle the judges – my point is that I’ve been hooked on MakerFaire for a quite a stitch. I could go over and under and over my reasons, but I certainly don’t want to get crochety about it…

    CON: Austin is too far away from Dallas where my jewelry crafting wife and I live with our two children!

    Paul “Adult please” Hubner

  9. Paul Hubner says:

    May I change my signature to

    Paul “Adult-and-two-students-if-I’m-not-too-greedy-oh-what-the heck-please” Hubner


  10. Caroline says:

    I’m new to Austin as well, but it’s so exciting to find so much creativity in this quirky town. The shops that I’ve been to so far are full of crafty fun.

    Something that I have not yet found is a shop with more variety of new fabric prints. And I agree with a previous poster – I’d love a place with more Japanese fabrics.

    Thanks for this chance!

  11. melissa says:

    did you draw names yet??? one crafty thing i love about austin…. HEY CUPCAKE! i know, it’s a small business, but what a creative concept. i think it’s pretty crafty! it’s like they took a 50′s photograph of an r.v., made it look futuristic, and then brought it to life on south congress. the other crafty thing i love about austin is CRAFT-O-RAMA! it’s owned by one crafty momma. adult ticket please!?!?!?!

  12. melissa says:

    BTW – CRAFTORAMA sells lotsa japanese books, and amigurami books, and fabric… .