Quilt Market Fall 2008: Alexander Henry

Nicole and Phillip de Leon

Before Market I knew that I liked Alexander Henry, but I didn’t know much else about them. They have never had that big of a web presence, nor do they work with big-name designers, so it’s been hard to keep track of everything.

Now, after visiting their booth and meeting owners Nicole and Phillip de Leon, I am in LOVE and will be an AH devotee for the rest of my days. The sister and brother pair inherited the business from their father. They design all the fabrics themselves, hand-rendering the designs the old-school way. They work out of a former factory in Burbank in which they have carved out space for their toddlers to play. Someone told me that Phillip makes marionettes in his spare time (very Being John Malkovich!) Nicole talked about their new collections with my market buddy Ms. Green Kitchen and I, and she was so friendly, funny, and open. And of course, their fabrics and their whole style is just amazing — meeting them, taking in the atmosphere of the booth, and seeing all their designs together, I really understood what the company was all about.

Alexander Henry - Carolina and Heath

I was really impressed with their “Fashion for Home” line, prints on 45″ wide, 8.7oz 100% cotton oxford. Above: “Carolina” (top) and “Heath” (bottom). Below, Nicole shows off Gazara, which she said is an animal print purposefully of no animal in particular.

Alexander Henry Home

And here is the super extra fabulous “Afternoon Delight”:

Alexander Henry - Afternoon Delight

They keep the images of upcoming, not-yet-printed collections in these impressive, gigantic black portfolio/books — I couldn’t take pictures of those but I can assure you they’re worth the wait. Below are some samples from current AH collections. See more on Flickr here.

Alexander Henry Fabrics

Alexander Henry Fabrics

Alexander Henry Fabrics

Alexander Henry Fabrics


  1. Amy says:

    Great post, I absolutely love their fabrics, very interesting to learn more about them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nanette says:

    I wish Alexander Henry Co. would ask me to make quilt patterns for them!

  3. RachelMM says:

    They are definitely my favorites!

  4. floribunda says:

    there is an online store that sells AH fabrics exclusively, and often has some of the older lines…

  5. I wish I knew this – I would have dropped by. As it is, I’m not even sure I saw their booth (there was SO much to see). Thanks for reporting.

  6. Irene Heikes says:

    Thanks for reviewing AH Fabrics. It’s amazing that they design all the fabrics themselves. Love that Gazara print! I’ve enjoyed all your comments from Quilt Market, but this one is the best.

  7. celia says:

    Love this post. I really like them too now, lol…
    And this describes so well the differences between comapnies and people in them. I did read your post from Lecien…. SO different… isn’t it?
    Lovely post anyway!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE Alexander Henry. I’m amazed at how many fabrics I have in my stash that are AH.

  9. melissa says:

    Oh that’s so good to hear they’re lovely people in real life! AH is my #1 fabric designer, hands down.

  10. I love AH fabrics! They have always been my favorite! Now that I know more about them, I love them all the more! I just bought some of those dress pattern prints (in photo #5)–had to have it!

  11. Laura Bucci says:

    I love learning the interesting background info on a brand. Nicole and Philip sound pretty cool.

  12. georgia says:

    How fantastic that they are carrying on the family business! I’ve always loved AH fabrics, but now I am a true fan. Thanks for this!

  13. Sewer-Sewist says:

    Ooh! I saw that AH sewing pattern fabric recently and then couldn’t for the life of me remember who the manufacturer was. I think it’s so charming, and want to make a funky retro apron out of it.

    I’m loving your reporting for Quilt Market, Kim! Really awesome work!


  14. [...] Surprise! Half of Alexander Henry is female! Kim of True Up blog has posted a great article about the brother-and-sister team, Nicole and Phillip de Leon, who are the force behind Alexander Henry Fabrics. Unpretentious and wonderful! Before, I just loved the fabrics. Now I love the whole company. See if you agree. [...]

  15. Fabulous to know more about the two. Funny you say they don’t have that big a web presence I guess that’s true, but they are very very popular on Ebay with Australian customers.

  16. GU mammy says:

    How do you do?
    I am fascinated by the USA fabric and create the original custom bag which used a collection in Japan.

    Specifically, the pattern of Alexander Henry Fabric is very charming and is always stimulated.

    That there are few purchase possible shops in Japan is sorry.