Preview of Heather Ross’ New Line, Far Far Away

Heather Ross has posted a sneak peek at her Spring 2009 collection for Kokka, Far Far Away. In a word: UNICORNS! Like her pre-Mendocino collections Rabbits and Race Cars, West Hill, and Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries, there is a perfectly motley assortment of motifs — here it’s the Princess and the Pea, the Frog Prince, snails, and flowers alongside the unicorns. It is total girl fantasy circa 1982, brought into 2009 by the three fresh, modern color palettes.

I love Heather’s description:

My fabric lines for Westminster are always based on a place that I have lived and loved, while my lines for Kokka are more about the imaginary places where I wish I could live. They are lush meadows and small towns built from toys by children, evening dances held by squirrels. My newest line for Kokka is no different, and is in fact named for those first few words that appear at the beginning of many an imaginary tale: Far Far Away….

It was, and is, supremely dorky. We are talking kitten-and-fishbowl-inspirational-poster, days-of-the-week-underpants, dungeons-and-dragons dorky. I hope you like it.

Good news for garment sewists: The collection will be printed on double gauze as well as quilting-weight cotton. Far Far Away should be in stores sometime this spring.

And have you seen what she’s working on for the next Westminster line?


  1. dangermom says:

    Ooh ooh ooh! My little girls are going to be in princess unicorn heaven!

  2. Beth says:

    Mermaids… and now princess and unicorns – and frogs, oh the frogs! Who will have more of this incorporated into our lives – my 4 year old or me?

  3. [...] I gave up at that point. Husbands and fabric shall probably never mix. But Heather Ross and fabric should always be together and I’m so sad and disappointed that this has come about. Needless to say, I snatched up as much as I could find of her latest and last line, Far Far Away. [...]