Martha Negley: Mums



Martha Negley has a new collection for Westminster, “Mums.”

Except for the tree rings print, which might be one of my favorite contemporary quilting fabrics ever, I have only enjoyed Martha Negley’s fabrics from afar. I love the Kaffe-Fassett hand-painted-looking, supersaturated-color, pattern-explosion aesthetic but maybe I’m a little intimidated by it? Not to mention that it doesn’t fit with anything in my house or life … hmmm, maybe a gift quilt or two would be the perfect excuse to get my hands on some.



Available at Sew Mama Sew, The Virginia Quilter, Material Girl, Repro Depot, and many other shops.


  1. Lisa Clarke says:

    Martha Negley prints make nice skirts! I made one last year that I like a lot.

  2. danielle says:

    I purchased a set of these in the cream colorway because I loved the name! One of the prints is called Single Mum (the one with the turquoise background here)and since my “mum” was a single “mum” and so was I at some point I figured this was enough of a reason for me to buy these and make something special out of them. Probably a small lap quilt & reading cushion set for my “mum” :O) They are absolutly amazing, rich, vibrant colors and paterns. I love them.

  3. Susan says:

    I have LOTS of room for this in my life and my house, so I am very open to a(nother) gift quilt if it will help you out.