Jamie Kalvestran: Linsey’s Penguins


Fabric and sewing/quilt pattern designer Jamie Kalvestran wrote me a lovely note letting me know that her line for Andover, On her blog she wrote about the inspiration for the collection:

My daughter Linsey teaches pre-school and she has the ‘Penguin Room’. She wanted a penguin mascot that she could write the child’s name on the tummy and hang it on their cubby. After I finished I thought … “that would make cute fabric”. So I design a border print and some coordinates and sent it off to Andover Fabrics.

My kindergarteners (who I see for my job as a speech-language pathologist) would go nuts for this. Penguins are HUGE with the five-year-old set.

Jamie also has some nice Surtex coverage and posts a a swatch of the week showcasing her favorite new quilt fabrics on the market.

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