Heather Bailey: Pop Garden and Bijoux


As at least 1,850 (!) of you already know, Heather Bailey has announced her much-anticipated followup to Freshcut: two coordinated “sister” collections, Pop Garden and Bijoux. See a slideshow preview, set to music even!, here.

Pop Garden is bold, bright, graphic, modern florals — some 2-D, some 3-D; Bijoux is a collection of smaller-scale geometrics, “cut-able prints [...] a.k.a. ‘almost-solids,’ ‘mix-ins,’ ‘palette-builders,’ ‘pretty ditties.’” There are 64 fabrics in all. (For this post I picked my favorite colorway of each design to show.)


From FreeSpirit, available in stores next month.

Heather also announced a sewing pattern line, also being released in July.

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