Brandon Mably

Westminster Fabrics’ newest designer is Brandon Mably. Here’s a little bio from his website:

For over a decade, Brandon has been the Studio Manager of Kaffe Fassett’s Studio in London, England, and has worked closely with Kaffe in the design, creation, and execution of knitwear, tapestry, patchwork, mosaic, and mixed media artwork. While working side by side with Kaffe, Brandon has honed his unique style of bold design and vibrant color.

And here is the bio on the Westminster site.

Oh boy, I am all over this one, especially Tents. I love the geometric simplicity + vibrant colors — they remind me of the kind of sock yarn I like to knit with.

This debut collection is due in stores this December.


  1. Melanie O. says:

    Love this! So different from everything else you’ve shown so far!

  2. Baba says:

    These really pop!

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