Bell Bottoms by Sis Boom for FreeSpirit



Jennifer Paganelli aka Sis Boom‘s newest line for FreeSpirit/Westminster is called Bell Bottoms. Notice how all the designs (except Mary Trellis, topmost in first image) use only two colors, which breathes modern life into the ornate motifs and gives a nod to the papercutting/silhouette trend. I’m also happy to see the plain stripes — I need some of these in my stash!

Like what you see? Paganelli is giving away Bell Bottoms fat quarters through her blog; comment by July 5 at 5pm!

She keeps a detailed list of both online and brick-and-mortar stores that carry her fabrics here.


  1. Let me tell you my stats indicate you have a tremendous following and I can’t thank you enough for turning your readers on to Sis Boom we appreciate the service you do to create awareness of the quilt industry fabrics soon to be labeled Lifestyle fabrics for their versatility in the marketplace if the manufacturers get their way…Jennifer Paganelli