Spoonflower Reviews and Tips

Some folks have received their custom-printed fabric from Spoonflower and are posting reviews.

Jinjur was pleased with how her design and colors looked, but had some grain issues (due to the base fabric being skewed).

(left) Spoonflower’s print on 100% Kona cotton | (right) Michelle’s print on 100% Belgian linen

Michelle of Cicada Daydream wrote a thorough review from her expert standpoint. Her biggest issues were color and the choice of base fabric. I hope Spoonflower starts offering a chart of LAB colors like Michelle suggests — I would buy it!

Inside a Black Apple also had some color shifting issues with her extra-great designs, but they were fixed.

There is a GREAT discussion on color management in the Spoonflower Flickr group.

I’m very impressed by the responsiveness of the Spoonflower team — they’ve been offering replacements to those who have found problems. This is what “beta” is all about!

This deserves a special place in your bookmarks: Mama Made Designs is posting a FABULOUS tutorial series for aspiring fabric designers:

- Part 1: Thinking About and Creating Your Design
- Part 2: Computer Art Programs and What They Do
- Part 3: Getting to know Inkscape, a Vector Art Program
- Part 4: Finishing Your Design and Creating the Perfect Tile
- Part 5: Color Calibration Part A

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  1. Nanette says:

    I’ve got a great spoonflower design but I’m chicken to try it. I’ll have to look at these ideas.