My Purple and Brown Vintage Fabrics on COLOURlovers

My vintage fabric collection has officially become a series of posts on the COLOURlovers blog: today my browns and purples are featured. I am amazed how different the palettes look pulled away from the motifs, with the texture of the fabric removed — some of the palettes actually don’t appeal to me as much that way. It just goes to show you how much difference design and proportion can make.


  1. meg says:

    I was admiring that brown scarf palette earlier today (for quite a while).

  2. Sarah says:

    hm. i was thinking about colourlovers the other day. and i think that some color combos look really good no matter what, and then other color combinations improve for me when the ratio of the colors are not all equal. and that factor, unless you make two blocks of color the same, is not possible using colourlovers!