Happy Cinco De Mayo

A margarita, rocks no salt please. Here are some Mexican fabric links for you.

(Sombreros print from my collection)

There is lots of Mexican themed quilting fabric, but most has to do with Dia De Los Muertos, which is not today. I do like this Loteria cards print from Alexander Henry.

Many people associate Oilcloth with Mexico (I think it is manufactured there?) but the company is actually based in Los Angeles.

This book looks very interesting.

I am starting to look through Mexicantextiles.com, The Mexican Indigenous Textiles Project, and getting overwhelmed. I have a lot to learn! About the site:

Mexican textiles have existed for more than 5,000 years, but now in many villages traditional embroidered blouses (huipils) are worn only by the grandmothers. Mexico’s indigenous textile culture is in danger of extinction. The embroidery on blouses and huipils is particular to specific towns and ethnic groups. This site identifies the groups and villages that various textiles come from. I make frequent trips to traditional villages to document the current state of their textile traditions and I present them here in the format of a virtual museum. Explore these groups and villages with me and enjoy!


The proprietor of the site sells gorgeous Otomi embroidered textiles on eBay (check out this bedspread).

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  1. jmbmommy says:

    I have got the Loteria fabric…It is wonderful, maybe one day I will cut it…maybe!