Q&A With Guest Curator Jenny, Vintage Fabric Collector

A big thanks to Jenny from Blempgorf for curating the Daily Swatch this week and for coming up with the great Roy G. Biv theme. (See here if you want to know what “Blempgorf” means!) To close out the week I asked her a few questions about her interest in vintage fabrics …

The stash

True Up: How long have you been collecting vintage fabric?
Jenny: I have been collecting since summer 2005. After finishing grad school, I found new spare time. For a while, I wasted time on the internet reading design and illustration blogs, and this eventually connected me with sewing and craft blogs, and I picked up quilting and sewing again. Vintage prints appeal a lot to my interests in 1950s and 1960s style illustration, so I think the vintage fabric collection grew out of that.

TU: What are your favorite sources?
J: I prowl Etsy to occasionally pick up some vintage fabrics online. Mostly I look in thrift stores and antique malls.

TU: What are your favorite kind of prints?
J: I love juvenile prints for their cuteness. I also have a soft spot for small scale prints like the calicos of the 1970s and 1980s in those bright primary colors.

TU: Are you more of a collector or do you use your vintage fabrics a lot in sewing?
J: I sew with my vintage fabrics all the time. I think that except for my all-solid-print quilts, I have included vintage parts in every one of my quilts. Lately I have tried to limit my vintage fabric purchases to the kinds of material I think I can use, in a largely futile effort to limit the fabric stash.

TU: What are your favorite contemporary fabrics/designers/companies?
J: My favorite fabric line is Denyse Schmidt‘s Flea Market Fancy. My current list of favorites includes the Polly Goes to Paris line from Henry Glass, Mendocino from Heather Ross, and cute fabrics from Japan.

TU: What’s on your crafty to-do list?
J: I have been on a streak of making baby quilts lately. I also am participating in a quilt block swap (http://commonthreadsquiltbee.blogspot.com/) – it is interesting to sew with other people’s fabric selections and design choices. Lately, I have been thinking about Christmas sewing – maybe gifts for others, maybe a tree skirt for me.

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  1. carrie says:

    Great interview, and great collection of fabric. I have what my husband refers to as a fabric problem. I always ask if the problem is that I don’t have enough fabric. I love to collect all sorts of fabric from vintage to modern!