Marimekko vs. Dolce & Gabanna

There is a trademark dispute between Marimekko and Dolce & Gabbana over Marimekko’s signature Unikko floral pattern: news story, Marimekko blog post. I don’t think there is any question of Unikko’s origins; maybe it’s more about the legal technicalities of trademark ownership? I’ll be interested to know how this turns out … I can’t imagine that D&G have any leg to stand on.

From the Marimekko website:

Unikko came about in 1964 after Armi Ratia had announced in public that no floral fabrics are designed at Marimekko. Maija Isola did not accept rules or restrictions and designed in protest a complete collection of bold floral patterns.

Today, Unikko is probably more popular than ever, and an innumerable amount of different Unikko-pattern products is available. The range of available colours is also very large. Kristina Isola has designed a Mini-Unikko family of products for children.


  1. Kari says:

    The fashion world in general seems much more relaxed about copying; in that it seems a lot of people are willing to blatantly steal original designs, and consumers are just happy there’s a lower price point out there – no matter the cost to the designer. (I’m really speaking in terms of the smaller designers here, I have no idea how D&G think they can get away with this. I mean, it’s soooo Marimekko.)

  2. rosa says:

    I saw a D&G ad a few months ago with a fabric that was an obvious copy of marimekko’s unikko and was really displeased to see how even famous brands are doing this kind of thing – i hope marimekko wins the case. Quilting fabrics designs are also being copied by fashion brands, like this one: cosmo vs women’secret :(