Donate Your Surplus Fabric

If you’ve been inspired to declutter your stash, here’s a wonderful thing to do with your “purge” pile.

In 1994 Amina, aged 18 at the time, fled the harrowing violence of the Rwandan civil war, the poverty and the dismal future in Rwanda. As a teenage mother she was wounded but miraculously survived this genocide. Amina fled to the safer neighbouring countries, together with hundreds of thousands of refugees, on their way to a better future. Leaving her country of birth and the few family and friends she still had left, fighting for her own future and happiness.

After some wandering Amina arrived in the safety and calm of the Netherlands. Determined to learn the language, receive training and become an upstanding Dutch citizen. But the dream wouldn’t let go. At night Amina dreamt of all these young Rwandan mothers with small children that were left behind without a future, trying to survive. On 14 June 2007 the Stichting Toekomst Rwanda [Future Foundation Rwanda] was founded.

The purpose of Stichting Toekomst Rwanda is to offer a home to these underage mothers and their children and to prepare them for an independent life with simple education. This way, we can prevent these young women from ending up in prostitution. By creating a future for this prospectless group of girls it is possible to break the vicious circle and to achieve a permanent step forward. We hope to provide the new generation with a sound basis in this way. By dealing with the problem at the root we try to combat poverty through knowledge, information and motivation.

… [I]t became clear to us that the girls would like to run their own sewing studio. We have already enabled one teenage mother to do seamstress training. She will be teaching the other girls. Amina has bought two treadle sewing machines and in October 2008 she will be taking sewing materials with her to Rwanda.

You can follow the sewing studio progress on the Stichting Toekomst Rwanda site and here.

If you wish to donate fabrics and/or “haberdasheries” (which I’m guessing means notions), please send them to:

Stichting Toekomst Rwanda, Weipoortseweg 89, 2381 NJ Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands

or get in touch through

(via Laura and CRAFT)

P.S. I would love to get a listing together of organizations in need of fabric donations … of you know of any please let me know in the comments or contact me directly. Thank you!


  1. tpanderson says:

    Awesome story. I love the “teach a man to fish” concept that many chairitable organizations are pursuing now. Please visit to see an organization that makes colorful pillowcases for children undergoing cancer treatment in hospitals around the country. Often young people who are just learning to sew (Girl Scouts, home ec. classes etc.) make and donate the pillowcases to brighten the day of other children undergoing treatment.

  2. melissa says:

    Hey thanks for giving this project some attention! I posted about this for the BurdaStyle blog last week and it’s great to see it making its way around the internet now. :) Let’s hope these ladies get lots of goodies to work with!

  3. Charlotte Hall says:

    I have fabric to donate. Where is your organization located?

  4. Barbara Bandstra says:

    I have fabric scraps and sewing materials to donate. Is there a local address I can send to? NJ

  5. jenn says:

    I have many yards of fabric that I can donate. I am also in NJ like the previous poster, is there a place in NJ that I can send to?

  6. mesha says:

    What a great cause…I have some scraps of fabric I would like to donate…where can I send it?

  7. Joan Alexander says:

    I have many yards of fabric to donate. Are you still collecting and where shall i send it?

  8. Sandy Saadi says:

    I too have many yards of fabric to donate. Is there any place near Phoenix AZ to drop it off?