Behind the Scenes at Moda

Lissa Alexander, Moda/United Notions‘ Marketing Director, wrote on the Fat Quarter Shop’s blog about the company’s preparations for spring Quilt Market, which takes place in Portland, Oregon, this coming weekend (May 16-18). It takes two 18-wheeler trucks to haul all their supplies and products there and two full days to set up. (!)

The Quilting Stash podcast featured Gina Halladay of Quilter’s Buzz live from Fall Quilt Market 2006. From the sounds of it, Moda is the biggest presence at Quilt Market, and their new lines are the most anticipated by marketgoers. There is an event called “Sample Spree” for which people line up for hours to buy sample packs of all the newest lines, and the scene at the Moda booth is total (controlled) chaos!


Moda booth’s Sample Spree at Quilt Market 2007, from Fat Quarter Shop‘s Flickr stream

Quilter’s Buzz also reported on a field trip to Moda headquarters in Dallas last year.


  1. Diane says:

    I can vouch for this. I attended the Fall 2007 Quilt Market and tried to get an appointment at the Moda booth, but there was no hope of it. They were fully booked for both days of the convention. Their display was beautiful, and swarmed with people every moment. I’m sure it will be beautiful again this Spring.

  2. Susan says:

    Are you going? I want to go!

  3. My booth for my pattern company
    Threaded Pear Studio
    was right next to Moda and the women’s bathroom so I saw lots of women rushing stressfully to both areas! Thanks for the mention of Quiltersbuzz