Annie Smith Talks Fabric Companies


Quilting Stash is a podcast by Annie Smith. A few episodes back (#118 to be exact), she went over a list of every quilt fabric manufacturer she knows of that has a website. She talked a bit about each company, their designers, and any special features (clubs, patterns, etc.) offered online. A very good resource. You can listen to the podcast here; the fabric discussion starts around 7.5 minutes in. Or you can go right to the links from the blog entry.

One Comment

  1. Shannon Colin says:

    Annie is a very articulate and animated speaker. Her assemblage of quilt fabric manufacturer sites is pretty extensive. The information about these sites in her podcast is terrific.

    That said, her run-down of these manufacturer sites is atypical of the subject matter for her Quilting Stash podcast. She makes the life of a quilter so alive and vibrant in her speaking. Listeners can truly hear in Annie’s voice her love of quilting. This love and excitement is contagious. I would HIGHLY recommend listening to Annie’s other podcast episodes as well!!