Tax Consolation

For the first time in either of our lives, we OWE taxes this year. $812 — oof! One or both of us messed up on withholding this year. I’m so stupid with this stuff. Fortunately next year we’ll have a big fat baby boy deduction, right? (And, unfortunately, far less income, in all likelihood.) In order to not cry I took to admiring and ironing and scanning the best pieces from a recent eBay purchase of little tiny scraps. Which of course I shouldn’t have bought, now that we owe money. But anyway. eBay is NOT what it used to be with the vintage fabric lots — have you noticed?, so I was pretty fortunate with this one.

vintage fabric - geometric - marbles - coral
The winner! The circles remind me of marbles, and the color combo is genius.

vintage fabric - coins or medallions - olive
The little heads and the birds take this design from masculine/kitschy to cute and feminine. And another genius colorway.

vintage fabric - squiggles

vintage fabric - little triangles and diamonds
This is from the tiniest scrap – a circle only a few inches big, meant to be a yo-yo

vintage fabric - turquoise roses and daisies - drawing
Pattern designers these days make too liberal use of Illustrator — I say down with clean lines and let’s use some more pencils and paintbrushes.

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